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Hi, my name is Marjolein Monkel and I am a true 'people nerd': always curious about the why behind people's attitudes and behaviour in different situations. And that's why I love to help organizations grow and innovate from a human-centred approach.


After 13 years of experience at both agencies and a tech brand, I breathe how to get to strong insights in multiple creative ways, but also how to incorporate them into business decisions on all levels, from brand proposition to UX / product strategy to communication campaigns.

In 2019 I founded Bits of M to offer strategic advice, training and facilitation in different stages of business development and innovation. As business contexts change rapidly and brands need to anticipate continuously, Bits of M is based on the belief that strategic support has to be flexible and lean and consumer insights play a key role.




"I have gotten to know Marjolein as a very dedicated person with a cooperative mindset. While crafting our strategic project for TravelBird we worked closely together on finding the most optimal solution. Marjolein is dedicated to getting to results by involving necessary stakeholders and by putting in the efforts needed to connect with different roles and positions. She is creative and always looking for the best possible solution or outcome."

Renee van Dalen, Research Director at Insites Consulting

"I love how Marjolein collaboratively creates shared understanding of customers. People in my teams benefit greatly from this with decision making."

Zoran Kovacevic, Product Lead at TripActions

"It’s always a pleasure to work with Marjolein. She easily connects with all kinds of people which is key for getting the most out of research. With her sense of humour she creates a pleasant atmosphere during any project, without shying away from being critical when needed. If you’re looking to turn customer insights into creative strategies or learn how to execute qualitative research, Marjolein is the person to contact."

Els Dragt, independent trend researcher 

"I closely worked with Marjolein at TravelBird and witnessed first-hand how she made the company more customer-centric. Through a combination of trainings, strategic projects, and hands-on research, she helped everyone from our product teams, to the sales and marketing teams, to the management team become mindful of our customers’ needs."

Joris Zaalberg, Head of Design at Homerun

"As a research agency we continuously have to challenge and develop ourselves. Marjolein trained us to strengthen our qualitative proposition. Together we evaluated and optimised our way of interviewing and how we integrate qualitative and quantitative data. With her research background Marjolein gives practical tips, senses bottlenecks well and anticipates on this with clear examples. In short, she offers pragmatic guidance that each organization can benefit from!"

Annelies Wittenberg & Kristel van der Borden, Research Consultants at Validators

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