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MEET - Insight generation

Why meet consumers to generate insights?

In this era of digitalisation, we have more and more access to customer data. But to be truly customer centric, it is important look further than behavioural data, meet your customers and try to understand the full context. What is truly making people ‘tick’? How do their values, needs, feelings, opinions link to behaviour? 


What do I offer?

I can help you discover your customer's needs and pain points and how they experience your products by setting up qualitative research in a flexible and lean way. There are different options:

  • Manage your project from A to Z: I manage recruitment of the right people, moderate interviews and connect key learnings to your business

  • Coaching-on-the job: Your team meets and interviews customers themselves. I will help the team preparing, executing and distilling insights in a ‘coaching-on-the-job’ role


A few examples of types of qualitative research I can facilitate:

  • Explorative research 

  • Marketing concept / proposition testing

  • UX research / usability testing

  • Co-creation sessions

  • Focus groups

  • Single or duo interviews

  • Diary studies

  • Online research

For who is this?

Relevant for all teams that want to be truly customer centric and want to understand the full context of their (potential) customer. No matter whether you are a marketing or sales team, product team, design team, customer service or HR team. Relevant for organizations without an in-house research team, that lack time or in-house expertise to manage a research project and brief a research partner in the right way. Relevant for companies that have a lot of behavioural data but lack understanding of the reasoning and drivers behind it. 

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