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MASTER - training & coaching

Why master customer centric skills with training?

In a rapidly changing society where people have access to everything at all times, it becomes more and more important to continuously understand the needs of your customer and act upon them. Only customer centric organizations are able to stay relevant, grow and innovate. To be customer centric in a lean way, it is not only about adapting a mindset but also about understanding what you can do yourself in your own business.


What do I offer?

I believe in learning by doing. Therefore I provide tailor-made trainings where customer centric mindset, skills and tools come together in an interactive way, connected to how to integrate this in a lean way into your business. I also facilitate coaching-on-the-job in sprints or concrete projects if more suitable.


A few examples of topics I can cover in training and coaching:

  • Customer centricity & research basics

  • Interviewing techniques

  • Customer journey mapping 

  • Design Thinking 

  • User testing / usability lab 

  • Insight generation 

  • Ideation

  • Concept development & testing

  • Online research


For who is this?

These trainings are relevant for all teams that want to be more customer centric and independent in integrating the voice of the customer in their strategy, product development and processes. No matter whether you are a marketing or sales team, product team, design team, customer service or HR team. Learn how to integrate lean research and design thinking skills, so you can act on consumer needs in a quick, flexible and engaged way without being dependent on other parties. 

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